Visual Identity Packaging

V-I-Pack is a brand of luxury packaging.

With over 25 years experience of packaging production in Europe and throughout the world, V-I-Pack is a professional team completely dedicated to the luxury packaging business. We offer a comprehensive approach focused on developing and showcasing your visual identity.

Packaging is one of the key factors in creating your brand image, it brings added value that makes your product unique. As well as being eye catching and distinctive, packaging can help to define your brand, highlighting not only your products but also your corporate identity.

Our entire range is developed around this concept, and our will is to enhance the pleasure that people take in buying, offering or receiving your products. Both the luxuriant materials we use and the quality of finish that we are able to achieve help us to realise this objective.

Beyond the quality and competitiveness of our products, our main goal is to bring you complete satisfaction by:

- working with you on your packaging issues.
- providing you with a customised service, adapted to your exact needs.
- ensuring you have a dedicated contact within the business that will provide solutions to your specific needs.
- providing an experienced team at all levels of our business.