Beyond the products themselves, we offer a full range of related services:


In terms of production, there is a complete understanding of the complex processes required to achieve the luxurious finishes that V-I-Pack is known for.


The graphic design element is also of primary importance to us. Our designers are here to help you with your development needs, while respecting your graphic charter at all stages of the design, development and manufacturing process.


In terms of logistics, we offer storage and delivery solutions tailored to your demands, regardless of your location.

Our logistics partners are highly experienced and reputable operators who understand our market and provide us with the necessary expertise to ensure product delivery is accurate and timely.


Our offices in Hong Kong provide us with proximity to our manufacturing plants. We can monitor the quality control process on a daily basis, ensuring our clients receive the caliber of product they expect.

It is the sum of these solutions, combined with the day to day client service we provide, meeting your needs and expectations, that makes V-I-Pack a successful and well respected operator in the packaging market.