We have offices in Europe and Asia, where we have our manufacturing base. Our company values will always prevail, regardless of the continent we are operating in.

We Listen

Our 25 years experience gives us a full understanding of the markets we are operating in. By listening to the needs of our partners and customers we are able to continually evolve as a company. By listening to our clients we can then offer tailor-made solutions and innovative alternatives whenever required.


Our aim is to establish trusting relationships and to be seen as a reliable business partner.

We attach importance to professional commitment at all levels of V-I-Pack, with both internal and external customers.


The packaging industry as a whole is deeply involved with environmental issues, particularly in relation to reusable packaging and recycling.

We are extremely passionate about designing products that are as eco-friendly as possible. This aim lies at the core of our business and is just as important to us as the functionality and look of the final products themselves.

Our raw materials have either been recycled or come from renewable sources. The quantities of both organic cotton and paper derived from sustainably managed forests that we use are growing every year.

We are also constantly looking to source new materials, manufacturing processes and logistics solutions which can help to reduce our impact on the environment.